A journey towards knowledge!


Welcome to Knowledge Yatra….. your journey towards learning!!!

Yatra is a sanskrit word which means journey.

Why does one leave on a journey?

  1. To  take a break from regular life and visit a new place.
  2. To try out something different; different people, food and cultures.

But when we return, does it remain limited to just visiting a new place?

We bring with us lots of joy, enthusiasm and energy to start afresh. New experiences opens our minds and widen our perspective towards life. We embrace learnings from different cultures in our lives. New learnings broadens our knowledge and leaves impressions which are long lasting.

The same way our Knowledge Yatra is an attempt to take you on a journey towards learning breaking the bars of traditional studies. There is huge world out there which invariably invites us to explore fortunes of knowledge it has to offer. One should know how to utilize it for his betterment. We here offer you fundamental techniques and tools to make learning an intuitive process .

We, at Knowledge Yatra, believe in continuous learning and growth. One who dreams to be on top should always strive hard to keep evolving with time. But that is possible only with a strong base. A tree can flourish and rich the sky only its roots are spread deeply. A buidling can boast of world class architechture only if it has strong foundation.

Knowledge Yatra is our endeavor to help you build a strong learning foundation and attitude to easily imbibe skills in future requied for a successful life.

Come and join hands for this yatra. Together we will learn and grow.

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Let us know what else you would like to read and know here.